6+ Amazing Apps Like TikTok – That’s Apps Made in India

Today we will tell you about 6+ amazing apps like TikTok - this is Apps Made in India and which are trending in the current condition.

As you all know, the controversy of YouTube and Tiktok added to the trouble of a short video making app TikTok and people were also giving a negative rating to this app on the play store.

In view of this, and the privacy of the people of India, the Government of India, has banned 59 apps from India, including TikTok.

These included apps such as the Hello app, TikTok, UC browser and CamScanner. Ever since TikTok came to India. His popularity has grown since then.

Every Indian used to use this app. Many people have become a celebrity with the help of this app.

When the Indian government banned this app, it was strongly opposed. But the Indian government's decision did not change and all the tiktokers.

They are disappointed because of the point where they all reached hard work. Hardly anyone will be able to reach it easily.

But friends you have nothing to worry about. We have brought 6+ amazing apps like TikTok for you. With the use of which you will also be able to enjoy the same as Tiktok.

In today's article, we will tell you about 6 TikTok alternatives in detail. So read this article till the last.

1. Mitron App 

The people of India have launched this app, which is competing for TikTok app. There are many things in this app. What you should know

This app has been downloaded by 50 lakh users so far. If you see this app for the first time, then this app will look like TikTok to you.

And the app has made it to the top 10 on the Play Store, which is being used a lot. You will get many features in the app.

But you will not get all the features that were in TikTok. You will also find many shortcomings in the app.

But still, it is rated 4.7 by people. You should try using this app if you fall under any tiktokers category.

2. Roposo - India's Own Video App

You also get to see Roposo app on Play Store, and its popularity has increased in India. It is being told that it has many features like TikTok.

People are also collecting millions of fans by sharing video on social media by creating audio-video like TikTok from this app.

50 lakh users have downloaded this app and Indians have given a rating of 4.3.  

This is a very good app. If you are a tiktoker, so use this app too, it will entertain you in a very good way.

3. Bolo Indya - Short Video App Made in India

Bolo Indya is a very good app. If the user uses this app, then this app can give a tough competition to TikTok.

It also has many other features. Like you can learn English through this app, and in this app, you can share current things like cooking tips etc.

The popularity of the app is also increasing. You can use it. The rating of this app is 4.7.

Which can beat the Chinese app TikTok, and can also become the favorite app of the people, you must try it once.

4. Chingari - Original Indian Short Video App

Yes, you must be feeling this name strange. But this app is also similar to TikTok. With the help of this app, you can make short videos and share them with a friend or relative.

Ever since the Government of India has banned TikTok. Since then, users have been using the Chingari app. In this app, you can watch trending news, funny videos, entertainment etc.

The rating of this app on Google play store is also very high. You can also use it.

5. Dubsmash

Over 100 million people have downloaded this app from the Google Play Store so far. It is also very good rated by people. Its popularity among people is increasing.

With the help of this app, you can make videos from different filters such as TikTok and share them on social media.

It also has some features that its users can put any link on the video and can do anything through that link.

It provides a lot of convenience to its users. If you were tiktoker and now sit down disappointed. So try this app.

6. Zili - Short Video App for India | Funny

The Zili app is also one of the famous TikTok alternatives. It is being used a lot by people. In this app, you get to see many features like Tik Tok.

This app is being told that it is exactly like TikTok, you can download it from play store.

With the help of Zili app, you can create a short video with audio and put it on social media or Zili app.

The best and most reliable option of TikTok, which is Instagram reels. This is a great feature created by Instagram.

I've already written an article above the Instagram reels. You can go and read them.

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