8 Tips For Creating Interesting and Attractive Instagram Profile

In today's article, we are going to give you 8 tips to create interesting and attractive Instagram profiles. Because Instagram profile also have the most important role.

If you do not have an attractive profile on your Instagram, it means that you are losing many followers, and I will also tell you some ways which will be beneficial for you in the future.

If you are a new Instagram user or an old user, then you must read this article. I will also tell you some tips that you have never seen and heard before.

Are you excited to know these tips? If yes, then read this article till the last. Here are tips that will completely change your account:

#1 Focus on Your Bio 

The most underrated element of many Instagram pages is your Bio. Many people put very little time and effort into their profiles that they leave blank spots.

You Bio acts as a snippet of what people will see on your content. It will explain the specifics of your business and why people should follow you.

Ensure your Bio is fun, descriptive, and as easy to read as possible. Note that you only have 150 characters, so you will have to pick your words carefully.

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Don't just use plain text. Add some emojis for a bit of character, and to give it a sense of personality.

Most people on Instagram are attracted to a fun personality, so ensure you speak to as many people as possible with your profile.

#2 Choose a Business Category

With influencer marketing blowing up the social media industry, it has become clear that you may consider adding a business category if you want to take advantage of this emerging trend. 

The first step here would be to add a "business" category to your profile as a way to provide specific information on your company.

The reason behind adding this category is because the 150 characters on your Bio aren't enough to set up a thoughtfully crafted profile as well as a business description.  

#3 Utilize the Link in Your Bio

A lot goes into driving traffic to the right places. This strategy means anything from linking to other social sites to your website. One feature that very few people make use of is the link in your Bio.

This link works on two fronts. First, it allows you to drive valuable traffic from your Instagram page to other sites, increasing your chances of converting new leads.

It also allows you to save a lot of time by enabling you to redirect your customers to a more elaborate source of business information. You can promote a blog, a product description page, or even your business website by driving traffic from your IG page.

#4 Get Creative

Ultimately, how effective your profile is, depends on how creative you are with your content.

This creativity includes everything from hashtagging to how you use your Instagram 9-Grid preview and how you organize your content.

Try not to be too promotional when you post, even if you are running a business, be strategic on how you place ads. It is a bad idea to center your profile on promotional content as most people want something interesting.

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The best place to put your ads would be on Insta-stories. Up to 80% of viewers come from your insta-story, depending on how well you craft your ads.

A great tip would be to combine 9 of your best posts and combine them into one giant profile as a way to attract potential followers. This idea works well because it allows you to showcase your best work with little effort.

#5 Use a Searchable Instagram Name

Check the name you are using on your profile. Does it indicate what your specialty? Or is it just jargon? The problem with many Instagram profiles starts with the name. 

For example, a handle like @hjknng. This name is neither searchable nor useful to your business, and even with the best content, no one will find you with such a name. 

Ensure you have a name that shows your page is a useful resource for a particular service, like Dre Active I Executive Watches

This name indicates both the name of the company and the business description. A non-specific Instagram name will hurt your business and prevent the opportunity to develop new leads.

#6 Be Authentic

If you want to grow your business and get organic followers, then your entire profile needs to be real. Every photo you put up, every video, even the engagement has to be legitimate.

The desperation for many startups has led to the purchasing of followers. This practice limits their ability to gain organic followers and to grow their businesses.

It is crucial to realize that gaining real followers is a systematic process that requires patience, which means being confident in your ability to push your product using the right means.

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That said, ensure your profile picture, the pictures on your feed, as well as anything you post is real.

An authentic page helps you build character, and it develops a reputation of honesty, which in itself is a great way to gain the confidence of your followers.

#7 Produce Quality Content

Your content forms a critical part of your profile, it not only exposes your followers to what your page is about, but it also speaks to your character.

It is worth mentioning that regardless of which social platform you are using, content is the number one contributor to your overall success.

The best way to ensure you maintain a good scorecard is to do your homework. First, research on what established brands are doing, focus on brands that are within your niche.

Find and adopt strategies that work and use them. Always be authentic. Try not to use to content you downloaded off the internet or spin content you got from a competitor.

Ensure you take your photos, develop your hashtags, and actively engage your audience as often as you can.

#8 Utilize the Filters

If you pay attention to many professional profiles, you will realize that they use the same filters for long periods.

This feature is commonly a mood sensor that determines which filters are most effective at a particular period, and for a specific audience.

What this means is knowing your target audience and their demographics will help you determine which filters will give you the best return on your investment.

Ensure you take your time when picking a theme for your profile. An appropriate color theme will be a good indication of the kinds of filters that can produce the best results.

Bottom Line

I hope you liked 8 tips on how to create attractive profile on Instagram, and I am sure you will follow these tips and make a better and attractive profile from your friends.

There are plenty of other ways you can make your profile interesting. This article focuses on the ones that are crucial and can guarantee results.

Along with tips, I have also told you some such methods, which you have to follow daily because it is mandatory.

I hope you liked this article, don't forget to share it with your friends. If you have any questions and suggestions in your mind, you can comment and tell us.