9 Best Instagram Tips and Tricks You Should Know 2022

In today's article, we will tell you the best Instagram tips and tricks, which can prove to be beneficial for you, and these tips and tricks can also give you good growth on Instagram.

Although it is common Instagram tips and tricks, but it is very important for you to know these tips and tricks because it can make you a celebrity on Instagram.

I have shared all the tips and tricks below, but to understand them properly, then read this article till the last. So let's start.

#1 Use Attractive Font in Instagram Bio

If you are also an Instagram user, you must have seen people's Instagram bio, in which they have used different fonts to make their Instagram bio very attractive.

Which significantly affects the users who visit your Instagram profile, and they will not leave your profile without following you. So if you also make your Instagram Bio like them, then it will benefit you a lot!

If you don't know how we can make our Instagram bio attractive by using the font. For that, I tell you about some websites. Such as Lingojam.com is a website where you get to see different types of bio fonts.

There are many websites on this type of internet. You can use them for free. It will be very beneficial for you.

#2 Share Your Instagram Photos on other Social Media Platform

Many Instagram users adopt this method. They share a photo together on different social media. Let me tell you; this feature will also be seen on Instagram.

Which are very amazing features; first of all, go to the Instagram appProfileOptionsLinked accounts, and connect to any account you want to connect with.

When you connect every social media account in this way, then upload any photo for testing. Then you will see that the photo you have shared on Instagram has been shared on your connected social media account.

#3 Hide Your Instagram Story

Many people are like this; they do not know how to hide the Instagram story. We often have some friends in our midst who do not want to show our Instagram story and hide their stories!

If you remember, this is the same feature as hiding WhatsApp status. Every day new updates are coming on Instagram too, which is very amazing. If you also want to hide your Instagram story and show it to a personal friend. So for this, you have to follow some steps below.

First of all, go to your profile on Instagram and open the setting. Now go to the Story Control option. Now click on Hide story. Now you will see the list of users. Select whichever story you want to hide and click on ok.

This way, you can hide the Instagram story from any specific friends. If you are an Instagram user, then you need to know this feature.

#4 Share Any Link With Instagram Story

In today's time, many people are using social media to sell Affiliate Products, and through them are generating good Commission.

If you have a lot of Instagram followers, you can share a link to any product in your Instagram story and sell those products.

Your products will be sold only when your users are interested in those products. If you want to generate maximum sales, share the product according to the user's interest.

But currently, this feature is only available to verified business users.

#5 How To Save Instagram Story

When you use your Instagram account, you will see the Instagram story of each of your followers. If you like any of those stories, you must have thought that I should also put this story on my story.

Then you do not get the option to save the story on Instagram. You can only see the story on Instagram, so now let me tell you, how you can save the Instagram story on your phone. For this, you have to download an app called Story Saver For Instagram.

Through which you can save any of your followers' Instagram story and put it in your gallery. This app is only for Android users. If you are an IOS user, you can use the Story Reposter App for this.

#6 How To Set Up Instagram Account's Analytic, Direct Call Button

This feature is very amazing, but it also has some disadvantages. If you want to know how many times have people seen the Instagram profile? How many people have seen my post?

You can see this very easily, but many people do not know how to use this feature. Let me tell you through some steps.

First of all, click on profileSettingSwitch to Business. After that, some details will be asked from you, then you have to fill in all your details.

After that, your account will be converted into a business account, only then you can put a direct call and email button there, and other features will also be opened in front of you.

#7 Untag Yourself With Photo

In today's time, everyone is using Instagram and sharing all their activity through photos. You will also have many friends who live with you and have fun.

Often they capture every kind of activity in the photo. Some of them are such photos that you do not like to show to anyone. Only then your friends tag you by posting these photos on Instagram to burn you.

Then you can untag yourself using the Instagram feature; this is true, let me tell you, first you have to go to the photo from where you want to untag yourself.

On the photo there, you will also see your name. After clicking it, you will see the option of untagging. In this way, you can untag yourself from any photo.

#8 How To Add Multiple Account to Instagram

Often, we have to create more than one Instagram account due to any reason, and it becomes difficult for many people to handle them together, and they start cloning an Instagram account.

But you don't have to do this. You can add about 5 of your Instagram account to one Instagram account. For this, you will have to follow some steps:

To add another account to Instagram, go to your profile, and click on your username above. Now click on Add Account and login with your user name and password.

In this way, you can add your 5 accounts, it is very easy, for this you do not have to work very hard, and it gets done easily.

#9 Enable Specific User's Post Notification

Often you see such celebrity on Instagram account, which you do not want to miss any post by mistake, and all their posts are liked by you or are beneficial for you.

For that, you can enable his post notification so that whenever he posts a post, you will get his notification.

It is very easy to do this; you can do this with a few steps. For that, you have to open the profile of the Instagram account of whichever post you do not miss and then click on the 3rd line.

Then you will get an option there. This way, you can enable post notification of any specific user!