9+ Interesting Facebook Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know

In today's article, We are going to tell you interesting Facebook tips and tricks that hardly anyone else has told you.

It doesn't matter if you're new or old on Facebook; these Facebook tips and tricks will help you a lot. Some of these are also tips and tricks that will blow your senses.

Are you excited to know these Facebook tips and tricks? If yes, then read this article till the last.

#1 Make Facebook Post Attractive

If you are also a Facebook user, then you must be posting on Facebook every day, and you will be posting your daily activity or your best photo!

Everyone posts Facebook, but if you add some text to your Facebook post and make those text attractive, your chances of getting more likes in your post will increase.

You can use the internet to make the text attractive because there are many such tools available on the internet, which make your text attractive. Such as Cool Fancy Tax Generator is one such tool.

If you paste any text in it, this tool will change its font and give you an attractive font. This tool will help Facebook users to create stylish posts.

#2 Download Your Facebook Data Easily

Often many Facebook users are businessmen, and many times they use Facebook for their important work or a big deal. If your Facebook account is deactivated for any reason, all your important data will be lost.

In today's time, many people download their Facebook data in advance, if you do not know how to download your Facebook account data.

So for that, you have to first go to Facebook Settings, then go to Your Facebook Information. Now you click on Download your Information. Then select the data you want to download, and then your data will start downloading.

In this, you can download the data of your commentschatpost, etc. This feature can also be useful to you. Facebook users must know this feature.

#3 Mute Facebook Chat Group Conversion

Often on Facebook, we join chat groups, or some of our friends add us to chat groups, and you get annoyed by the chat conversation there. So you can mute it using the Facebook feature. It is very easy.

Also, we are added to many Facebook chat groups, which do not feel like leaving, so you wonder what I should do? So the solution to this problem is to mute group chat.

To mute chat group conversion, you have to download and open the Facebook Lite app, then open the chat group you want to mute the conversation, and on the top side, you will see the option of Settings, click on it. After clicking, you will have some option; there, you will see a Mute Conversion Option; click on it.

Then you will be asked a time limit. Now you fill it there with your own will. This way, you can mute the conversation of any chat group for some time.

#4 Turn off Facebook AutoPlay Videos

Whenever we open Facebook, if any video comes in front of us, you see it starts playing automatically. This problem comes with many people. Often they do not know how we can close Facebook AutoPlay Videos; it is also very easy.

Because of Facebook AutoPlay Videos, we have trouble, and our internet also costs a lot. Our internet ends, and we do not even know what the quality of Facebook AutoPlay videos are.

To get rid of this problem, you should turn off Facebook AutoPlay Videos. For that, go to Facebook Settings, and there you will see the option of video. Click on it and Turn off the Facebook autoplay video. Doing so will make the autoplay video successfully.

#5 How To Download Facebook Video

In today's time, every Facebook user must-watch videos on Facebook. Although before any user did not like to watch more videos, but since TikTok has been banned, more users have come on Facebook and Instagram.

In such a situation, whenever you watch a video, you like the video, and you want to download that video. But Facebook does not allow us to download videos.

So many people are not able to download the video from there. To download the video, you can easily download the Facebook video using a fbdown.net on the internet.

First of all, copy the video link that you want to download, then go to the
fbdown.net website, paste the copied URL here, and click on download, so you will be able to download that video easily.

#6 Post Blank on Facebook (Trick)

If you are a Facebook user, then you must be posting different kinds of things every day, and you will also know this. We can't post blanks on Facebook; often, many people don't know what Create Blank Post Trick is.

For this, you will first need a computer or laptop. Because there you will get to see more options regarding this, first, you have to click on Create Post.

After that, you have to press ALT from the laptop or computer keyboard and type 0173 together, and click on the Post button. Then you will see that you have posted a Blank on Facebook, which is completely empty. 

Using this trick, you can send a blank message or comments, etc. to anyone. Facebook users should know about this trick.

#7 Turn Off Birthday Notifications

You have often seen that Facebook sends you birthday notifications to know what day its birthday is. Such birthday notifications will come to you throughout the day.

If you have more friends on your Facebook account, you will obviously get many birthday notifications. To avoid these, you can turn off birthday notifications.

First, you have to go to the Setting of Facebook; there, you will get an option of notifications when you click there. So you will be asked to turn off / turn on birthday notifications. You can turn off birthday notifications from there.

Often, many people are not aware of this, and they remain upset; this trick can help you get relief from this problem.

#8 How To Download Facebook Lock Profile Photo

Facebook users will be aware of this after the introduction of the lock profile photo feature. Since then, it has not been easy for anyone to download a profile photo and take a screenshot of that photo. It is often locked into everyone's Facebook account so that no one can steal their profile photo.

If you want to download your friend's lock profile photo, you can download the lock profile photo with the internet's help. How? 

There are many websites on the internet that provide this facility. To download the locked photo, you have to copy the link to the account whose profile photo you want to download.

Then you have to go to the findmyfbid.com website and paste that link. After that, you will get a numeric id. Then you will be shown all the posts and photos through the https://graph.facebook.com/98264527081/picture?width=800 link. In this way, you can download the Lock Profile Photo of anyone.

#9 Hide Facebook Posts For Certain People

Sometimes we upload such a profile photo on Facebook, which no one likes on Facebook, and you cannot even delete it.

Because if you upload your profile photo once, it does not get deleted, or you do not want to show it to anyone. In such a situation, you can hide that profile photo.

We get this feature from Facebook. When you click on the third dot of the post, from there, you get to see the option of hide photos. Then you can hide the privacy, thereby only me.

If you do Only me, that photo will be visible only to you, and no one will be able to see that photo. You must know about this feature.

#10 Hide Last Seen on Facebook

This option is also similar to other apps. If you also want to hide the last seen of your chat on Facebook, and you do not know how to do it, then for this, you will have to follow some steps.

Often many people are active on Facebook. But we don't see his last seen; we think he is off. This type of feature is quite popular on Facebook because not everyone knows this feature.

To turn on this feature, you have to open Facebook account and go to the option of chat, and from there, you have to click on turn off chat. This way, your last seen look will stop. This feature should also be known to the Facebook user.