How To Spot Fake Instagram Followers Without Losing Real Followers

Are you sad with fake Instagram followers and looking for a way to remove fake Instagram followers? If yes, So in today's article, we are going to tell you 5 such ways.

Due to which you will be able to remove 100% fake Instagram followers from your account. As you know, it is very important to remove fake Instagram followers.

If you do not remove your fake followers, your Instagram account may be disabled permanently without warning. Even many Instagram users' accounts have been deleted.

So you need to find fake followers on your account and remove them if you don't know how to identify fake followers and how to remove it. So read this article till the last.

I have given you some steps to remove fake Instagram followers below. You can easily remove fake followers by following these steps:

#1 Evaluate the Numbers (Engagement Rate, Patterns)

Spotting fake Instagram followers requires the ability to understand patterns and identify loopholes.

The growth and establishment of social media as a major player in influencer marketing has led to an influx of fake, automated Instagram accounts.

These accounts have been specifically created to buy social metrics such as likes, comments, and views in an attempt to improve an influencer's online footprint.

A recent study, carried out by Ghost Data in 2018, indicated that Instagram is struggling to contain 95 million fake accounts.

These accounts are costing the company $1.3 Billion in advertising revenue annually. So, how do you identify fake followers? What metrics can you use to see which followers are legitimate and which ones are not?

The first red flag is always an account with hundreds of thousands of followers but has below average content.

Note that the like to comment ratio on IG posts depends mostly on the quality of your content. Although brands prioritize followers before building partnerships, an influencer still requires a significant amount of good content to
get real engagement.

Keep an eye on the quality of content, the number of media posts, the follower to following ratio, and the period the account has been active.

These metrics are an excellent way to determine the legitimacy of follower accounts. The rate of engagement for many fake Instagram followers is usually very mechanical.

It is quite common for influencers to purchase social metrics to boost ratings. Once you realize the dynamics behind organic and inorganic engagement, you will easily identify a fake account.

Smaller influencers, for instance, are known to have a much higher engagement rate because they have a smaller audience.

An influencer with more than 1 million followers will have a low engagement rate because too many people change the variables.

Simply check for engagement that seems spammy, generic, or if the follower is always trying to sell you something.

Here are some metrics you should look at.

  • Engagement Rate 
  • Content/response patterns 
  • Follower to following ratio 
  • Like to comment ration 
  • Number of external URLs on the profile 
  • Number of media postings compared to the number of followers

#2 Check for "Dead" Accounts

The best way to identify an automated account is to look through follower activity. Now, why is this important? First, a dead account refers to an account that was active for some period, but then became inactive. 

Essentially you are looking at an account that has no updates, no photos, and no videos for long periods. You will also notice that the followers on this account are either completely have generic, "spam" like responses on posts. 

It is still unclear whether you can resuscitate a dead Instagram account. What is evident is that these accounts do exist. 

How to identify a genuine account. 

  • Consistent publishing is a very key component on Instagram, and it is one of the most efficient ways to build an organic follower base. Brands advertise on influencer accounts not just because they get a large audience, but also because they get published consistently. 
  • Quality of content will also show a clear distinction between a fake account and a legitimate one. A fake account that has doesn't post often, has below average posts, and still gets 100+ comments is a huge red flag. 
  • Always check the following. Fake accounts tend to follow hundreds of thousands of accounts, but they only have about a dozen followers on their profile. 

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#3 Use Automated Auditing Tools

Although the accuracy of automated credibility checking tools is still questionable, these tools still provide a great resource in fake account detection.

The main feature of these tools is the identification of fake engagement, by pinpointing generic responses, spam, social metrics like a follower to following ratio as well as likes and comment patterns.

The main aim here is to help brands and influencers to find and get rid of fake followers more efficiently.

Some of the algorithms that have been known to work for these auditing tools are: 

  • Naive Bayes
  • Logistic Regression
  • Support Vector Machines
  • Neural Networks

Fake followers can severely damage an influencer's reputation, which is why finding them is crucial.

The risk here is these automated accounts cause businesses to pay for fake advertising, meaning the value they are getting is far less than what they've paid for.

Similarly, influencers would be advertising to non-existent followers, making all their influencer marketing campaigns useless. You're also looking at the loss of sponsorship, loss of business, wrong target marketing, inefficient recommendation systems, and a long list of other problems.

#4 Check for Blank/Hidden Profiles

The creation of fake accounts is not known for its attention to detail. Most automated account creators don't put a lot of effort into their profiles, and as such, they tend to leave a lot of empty spaces. 

Once you take a good long look at the bios and the content, you will realize that a big chunk of the information is either fake or blank. Most fake accounts may have pictures of other users, which makes them difficult to detect. 

If you see an account without a profile picture, with blanks in the bio, and with little to no activity over a long period, then it is probably fake. 

Other key features include hidden profiles and gibberish user-names. A private profile is always a red flag, and when the user-name is a random selection of letters and numbers like @llkkiihjh, then it's a fake account.

#5 Keep An Eye On Follower Spikes

For influencers, it is very important to ensure you pay close attention to the rate at which followers show up. Follower numbers don't just go from 200k to 500k overnight; this type of spike in numbers is a clear indication of foul play.

Note that even movie stars don't get famous overnight; it is a systematic, steady process that is built from a combination of quality content and consistent publishing.

A spike in the number of followers may indicate the purchase of fake accounts, a fact that diminishes your reach as an influencer.

Bottom Line

At the end of your day, all you need to do is practice good judgment. Scrutinize accounts that have generic responses like "nice pic" on every post, or spam adverts on your timeline. 

Always look for tells on every account. It may seem like a lot of work, but its an excellent way to spot fake Instagram followers. I hope you liked this way.

If you have any questions and suggestions in your mind, you can comment and tell us.

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