12+ Secrets To Get Followers on Pinterest That Nobody Will Tell You

In today's article, we will tell you 12+ secrets to get followers on Pinterest. Hardly anyone has shared that secret with you. If you are excited to learn those secrets, then read this article till the last.

As you know, Pinterest is one of the most popular social media sites on which you can pin and share your image with people.

If you want a good response to the photos you have shared, you will need followers on Pinterest. By the way, there are many ways to get followers on Pinterest.

But most of them are paid, and some methods do not work. If you want very good growth with good methods, then you need to follow some natural methods.

If you want to grow in an organic way as soon as possible. So I have shared 12 + such secrets below that will help you. So let's start.

#1 Be Active and Engage on Pinterest

Pinterest's popularity is partially attributed to friendships with the Smart Feed. Outsmart the creative stream, and followers will fill you.

The use of a pin programmer like Tailwind is essential for your Pinterest blog traffic to gain supporters and improve.

However, the winning combination ensures that Pinterest is still present and physically active. This will improve your ranking, and you will get followers on Pinterest.

How can you be bold also engage on Pinterest?

  • Pinning manually periodically.
  • Pick up and pin back to "Explore" and "Trending" sites.
  • Manually pin the pins of others.
  • Follow them if they are essential when you see a "Top to Follower" on your list.

#2 Follow Your Competitor's Followers

You will wait a long time if you sit around waiting for followers to flock to you. Strategically, you pursue the followers of your opponents to deliver a successful strategy. 

Since you both have the same target public, they may follow you if they follow your rival.

A quick way to find competitors:

  • Look for words that can be included in your search bar profiles. You could search for "blogging tips', for example, if your content is about blogging.
  • Five different choices will be shown – press "People."

#3 Utilize the Search Bar

No secret, keywords on Pinterest are invaluable. Keywords help searchers to find what they want. Most importantly, however, they help people find you more easily. 

Do not underestimate Pinterest SEO's power. Every month on Pinterest, 2 billion searches are done. And Pinterest borrowed 87 percent of pinners.

Do you not want this piece of pie now? The search bar is the most suitable way to find relevant keywords, board descriptions, pin descriptions, and profiles that you are using in your board titles.

#4 Start Using Pinterest Sections

Pinterest introduced a new feature, which is an essentially categorized panel in a board called 'sections.' 

Sections allow you to organize your pins so that your target audience can feel attracted. It's going to ensure that your audience finds what they need, without hundreds of pins.

#5 Take Advantage of Promoted Pins

You probably already have a business account if you already use Pinterest for marketing purposes. 

For a good reason, it is the first piece of advice given by Pinterest pros. You can promote your pins one of the things you want to have a business account.

Pins are advertised when you pay to run updates on Pinterest to get followers on Pinterest. Close to Facebook Updates.

#6 Jump on the Hashtag Bandwagon

Pinterest has just changed its tuning on hashtags, and hashtags appear on feeds all around. It's a way of seeing what pins are most recent and relevant – now you can't see counts of re-pins. 

If the people who fell into your target audience want to find you, it's time to dive into the hashtag car.

Type' #' and then the keyword to use for hashtags. You will notice that the popular suggestions will be provided. These are the types of hashtags that people connect to the search bar – strategically select them.

#7 Use an older Account

In Pinterest's eyes, the longer you've had your account, the more confident you are. Pinterest's Smart Feed sees an entire range of components that determine whether a user is a 'worthy pinner.'

You can see your pins more in the feeds if you are considered an established pinner.

#8 Start Your Group Board

Group boards, if used properly, are all the rage and can be marketing powerhouses. And they are regarded as nobody's business for rising website traffic. But do you know that your followers can be amplified?

To start an organization board, you can do it one of two ways:

  • Launch a new board
  • Use an existing board

In the guidelines of your board (in the description), state clearly that the board and you have to follow to join. 

This is a standard among creators of group boards and is one of the fastest ways to accumulate followers.

#9 Craft Compelling Infographics

There is a good reason why content marketing is an infographic craze. We, as humans, are drawn to them, and they are fascinating.

Why infographics are useful:

  • Infographics are 30X more read than blog postings
  • You attractively communicate data.
  • Pinterest feeds feature infographics
  • 40% react better than old words on visual information.
  • Include viral infographics in your Pinterest strategy, and you will notice how many followers you have started maximizing and your click rate on your website.

#10 Give Pinterest a Nudge

We have established that Pinterest is smart – but you can use a tad of help to identify and categorize your pins. 

Some characteristics of your pins – such as colors and size – can be recognized. However, support to categorize them needs to be given.

#11 Optimize Your Profile Name

If you don't use the space in your profile name by optimizing it with keywords, you miss a great chance to expand your Pinterest followers. 

Follower names can easily be identified via the search bar with an optimized profile, like the pinner above.

By this, you can get followers on Pinterest. Do some research and settle on quality 1-3 keywords that can be used in your profile name.

#12 Use the right Tools to Draw Pinterest Supporters

When you talk about Pinterest tools, your mind will possibly go to pin scheduling tools automatically – like TailWind. 

In reality, there are more tools for your Pinterest strategy that you should be aware of. Think of it as the design of a home.

All the resources, people, and plans are essential – but you wouldn't have a chance to complete the project without the equipment. The same applies to your plan Pinterest.

#13 Delete Poor-Performing Pins

Is it not worth keeping as much attention on your Pinterest pins as possible? Typically, it's yes. 

However, if the pins don't work correctly or don't publish quality content, it doesn't benefit you and can get followers on Pinterest.

Why would you delete pins?

  • If you have doubles of the same bolt, some of them have very low re-pins
  • You have pins that are not compatible with your brand from years ago
  • They don't do well.
  • Conclusion

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    Then you will start getting results as soon as possible. If you want to know more ways to get followers on Pinterest. So I have shared some articles below.

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