7 Ways To Get Instagram Followers Without Using Hashtags in 2022

In this article, we will learn how to Increase real Instagram Followers without using hashtags. As hashtags are the standard way to get Instagram followers, but you have to do some other steps too so that you can grow your profile.

As you know, Instagram is one of the most important social media sites all over the world. Everyone wants to increase the original followers here for business or their fame.

There are hundreds of ways where you can achieve or increase your followers but only some are easier to work on. 

So here, we will talk about how you can increase your Instagram followers without any problem and easily. (step-by-step)

Let’s get started…

Get Instagram Followers Without Using Hashtags

1 Tag Your Location

For the same means, people use hashtags to check out related posts. People use Instagram’s Location tags or “Geotags” to do a similar thing.

I know that any time I’m about to travel anywhere, I check Geotags to see the pictures people post from that place. And I continuously end up following some new people because of it.

If you like to travel, often go out or live in popular places, tagging your location can make your post seem under the location’s tagged picture list, confirming that other people looking at the place can come through your post and possibly follow you.

Though be careful about the stranger on social media.

2 Interact With Other Posts

Commenting on other posts can perform other users that you’re free, friendly, and welcoming. Commenting on other posts will help you to increase your followers, Commenting, good things on other posts help you to give a chance to know each other better and help to interact with others as well.

3 Post Often

Your current followers desire to see content from you daily. That’s why they followed you in the first place.

As we just stated, when users interact with your posts, that activity is noticeable to their followers. So give them something interesting or unique to communicate with!

This will help you to get more Instagram followers Without using hashtags because you are entertaining the current followers, and if they like, they will surely share it with their friends or family.

4 Run Contests

To operate contests on Instagram to get more followers, request people to follow you and comment on one of your photos by tagging a friend or family.

For even better reach, partner with one more Instagram account on the contest, and request applicants to follow both accounts.

5 Aim to get Featured

Feature accounts are merely Instagram accounts that reshare other users’ content grounded on tagging.

Some of these accounts have a vast following and organizing them share one of your posts that can send a new brook of followers your way.

Even if you go with a trend, you will surely get more and more followers on Instagram. So try to be productive and get advanced in your field.

6 Tag Relevant Users

You can tag Instagram users as shown in your photos with @ -mention in your caption or via Instagram’s tagging function.

Each method, they’ll get a notification when you do so. Tagging someone urges them to involve with the post and share it with their following.

When you tag someone, they will put your post as a story on their profile. This way you can increase your followers of that person also. 

Putting your post as a story on his or her profile helps others to check your profile too after checking while they may follow you and watch your content.

7 Try an Instagram Live Collaboration

Instagram is the exact perfect place to take benefit of live video, a style that is lasting to develop on social media.

Through collaborating features like questions and comments, you can involve with viewers in real-time, making more of that valuable engagement that can help improve your reach.

Live videos perform within your brand’s story. When the live video finishes, you can let it vanish or select to make it accessible for replay on your story for 24 hours.

Users are informed when an account they follow starts broadcasting live, so a live video certainly steals attention.

Last Word

I hope you will completely understand how you can improve and grow Instagram account without using hashtags. You can find it very useful.

But still, if you have any problem related to this post don’t hesitate to comment below.

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