10+ Unexpected Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram 2022

In today's article, I will tell you 10+ unexpected ways to get more followers on Instagram, and these methods are proven.

If you are looking for the best way to increase followers on Instagram, then these proven methods will definitely work for you.

If you follow these methods carefully, you will soon start getting results, and even so many people are following these methods & your account will also be safe.

You have a problem with applications and websites that give you followers through third-party ways. But my described methods will organically give you followers.

Are you excited to learn the 10+ unexpected ways? If yes, then read this article till the last, and I have explained all the methods step by step below. So let's start.

#1 Joining Instagram Engagement Groups on Facebook

Today, everyone wants to get as many followers for their Instagram profile and to enjoy the limelight of their online presence. 

This is one of the easiest methods to get More Followers On Instagram. The key to reaching your aim by this process is to join the groups on Facebook that are your niche. 

As it might look tempting to join large engagement groups on Facebook, but you will get major benefits if you stick to your niche. There are many groups available on Facebook for every genre ranging from travel, fashion, beauty, etc.

It is mostly a give and takes situation performed in these Instagram engagement groups where you must follow back the person who liked your profile and followed you. 

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It might not provide you with an exponential result, but will surely give you a gradual rise in Instagram followers.

#2 Creative Reposting

Many beginners repost pictures of celebrities anonymously without any strategy and fail to get followers on Instagram.

Creative Reposting, you are required to repost images, and videos of Celebrities whose following is more than yours but along with your reaction mentioned in the description of the report.

You must not forget to mention the celebrity in your post. According to the Instagram policy, you are required to ask permission of each creator before Reposting.

A good amount of relevant hashtags are never bad to get your post feature in the search panel.

#3 Getting Yourself Promoted on Blog Websites

To get your Instagram profile a push, you can ask your friend content writer to mentioned your profile in one of their blogs. As today most people search before following anything. 

But if by any chance, you don’t have any writer friend, you can always get paid service from content writers to write a blog promoting you. 

This is one of the innovative ways to get more followers on Instagram. Many such websites are BuzzFeed, blogger, etc.

#4 Being Traditional

The old school way of gaining followers for your profile includes asking their customers to share their photographs, mentioning your Instagram profile name, and their positive review.

This method works for people who have business setups to provide products or services to customers. This reaching out method is a boon for business personal.

You can also give your customers incentives for doing the desired task as no one does not like a freebie.

In exchange for this freebie, the customers provide you with a positive review along with mentioning your company’s Instagram profile name.on their stories and posts.

#5 Elevating Esthetics of Your Profile

To Get More Followers on Instagram, you must arrange the posts consistently by following a layout. 

You can choose any preferable layout like having white borders, black borders, tile layout, etc. With the help of this method, you will get more followers on Instagram.

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There are multiple websites on the internet that provide you service to preview their content before posting that to Instagram. 

#6 Follow Quality Instagram Pages

The follower and following ratio play a vital role in deciding your profile credibility for a new visitor.

As if you choose to follow competitors on Instagram, there are greater chances of you being shown as a suggestion profile to someone who has accessed this application to follow your competitor profile.

It is an organic way to get more followers on Instagram. While opting for this method, you must carefully choose your competitor and first go for smaller brands and then target higher brands.

#7 Collaboration With Influencers

To get exponential growth in Instagram followers, getting a good shout out from an influencer is excellent. While having collaboration for a photo or video content with the influencer impacts more on the followers and help you get more followers on Instagram

You can also get an influencer pay to take over your Instagram account for some time to increase engagement and traffic on your Instagram profile. This would undoubtedly result in fulfilling your desire to Get More Followers on Instagram.

#8 Partnering With a Brand

Faking the lifestyle is not an excellent way to attain followers on Instagram.

But you can reach the sales marketing team of different brands to collaborate with you, resulting in an increase in traffic on your Instagram profile.

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It is an easy but tedious task. Moreover, it ensures your reach to increase in Instagram algorithm and get more followers on Instagram.

#9 Accessing Analytics

Many new influences do not understand the use of different analytical tools for a business profile on Instagram. 

It tells you about the reach and insights of your post. You can learn about the pattern or type of content that you provide to the audience and their reactions. 

It is very easy to curate your content around the points that your audience likes, as it will help you to Get More Followers on Instagram. 

But do not worry if you do not understand anything about analytics. 

You can always hire professionals to do this task and even provide you with a different post, specially curated according to your analytics. 

There are some analytical tools available in the market for people who want to try themselves to understand analytics and algorithm on which Instagram works to Getting More Followers On Instagram.

#10 Playing With Hashtags

Hashtag plays an important role in making your profile look sophisticated with elegance. These Hashtags also appear in the search option.

To increase your profile's engagement, you can add Hashtags to your comments section as this process can Elevate your profile in the search algorithm of Instagram.

#11 Engaging With Your Followers

You can engage with your followers in multiple ways. For example, Asking the question in the form of a Quiz is a great way to boost your engagement.

The Reposting of your stories you have mentioned your followers will catch your followers' eye and family members.

With every repost of your story in which you answer their question and mention their Instagram profile ID, you reach an extra hundred people on Instagram who might follow you and thus get you more followers on Instagram.


I hope you liked these organic methods. By the way, there are many ways to grow followers, and among them, the most popular way is auto followers.

Means people use many third-party auto followers applications to increase followers on their accounts. But do you know, these third-party methods will disable your account permanently.

So follow more organic methods to increase followers, and keep your Instagram account safe.

If you like this article, so do not forget to share it with your friends. If you face any problem, then you can comment below.

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