How To Get More Likes on Instagram Reels For Free in 2022

If you are an Instagram user, you must know about the Instagram Reels feature, which is trending and recently introduced by Instagram.

Ever since TikTok has been banned in India, many alternatives of TikTok have been launched, and one of them is Instagram reels, which is considered the best alternative of TikTok.

Instagram reels are being liked by many people because which more similar to TikTok. In Instagram reels, you can record 15-30 second video clips and share them.

In today's article, we will tell you some ways to get more likes on Instagram reels videos for free, which can prove beneficial for you. So let's start.

#1 Upload 2-3 Reels Every day

Provide content to your Instagram followers so they stay connected with you. In such a situation, when good content reaches them daily, they will surely see your Instagram reels and will also like it.

Many people upload just one reels a day then speak. Their likes are not increasing. For this, you must upload 2-3 reels every day.

This will give more and more content to people and will also get more likes on your reels. Instagram users must use this method. You will see a difference in the coming time.

If you cannot get the time to upload more than one reel, you can upload in the morning and evening, as uploading more videos in the early days may prove beneficial for you, and it will help you a lot to get more likes on Instagram reels videos.

#2 Always Keep Your Account Public

Often many people keep their accounts private and keep uploading their activity or other reels more and more. Upload 3-4 reels a day, and their likes do not grow.

The biggest reason for this is, we have kept our Instagram account private. If your account is private, you can view it yourself and see your followers.

With this, the reels you upload are limited to you and your followers, and then many of your followers become inactive, due to which your likes do not grow.

Therefore, it is very important first to make your Instagram account private to public account. Only then the chances of your reels going viral increases, and if your reels go viral, the likes also increases.

#3 Tag Your Location in Instagram Reels

This factor greatly helps to increase your likes on Instagram reels. Whenever you upload an Instagram reels, you have to tag your location.

This gives you a lot of benefits, depending on the area in which you tag the location. Instagram gets to know about this. I have to show my Instagram reels in this area. Instagram itself promotes your reel.

Whenever people around your area see it, they will definitely like it, and the chances of sharing more and more also increase. If you don't tag the location in your reels, it doesn't promote your reels if Instagram doesn't know where to reach it.

#4 Choose the Right Time to Post

Yes, this is one factor that helps every social media account to grow. Whether it is Facebook or Twitter, if you ignore this factor, then you cannot grow.

Mostly you should upload reels in the evening at night. Because then every one or your followers mostly use Instagram, and at the same time, the chances of your reels going viral increases.

If the video you shared gets more views during the morning, you can set the same time. We have told you at night that more people remain free.

But in recent times, most people are at home due to Covid 90, so you will know the exact time of uploading when the views are more on the video you have shared. If views come in the afternoon, choose that time.

#5 Share Attractive and Entertaining Content

Many people do not share quality content on Instagram reels to save their time, due to which they get fewer likes, and they get frustrated, so if you share engaging and entertaining quality content to people.

Everyone likes to watch engaging and entertaining content in today's time, where they will be entertained. So you can also create this kind of content. If you do not make such content, no one will see your reel.

Remember, If you know how to make people laugh, then only share this kind of content with people. Otherwise, you can also share such quality content with people that you are interested in.

#6 Use the Hashtag Correctly (Important)

There is a big difference between using hashtags and using hashtags correctly. Whenever you upload your Instagram reels, at least you have to use 6-7 hashtags.

Like using hashtags on Twitter, we can make any post, etc. viral. This is also the same way whenever you upload reels. You should use hashtags related to the same.

If your content is something else and you are putting some kind of hashtag, it will not increase your likes of reels, nor will your Instagram account grow.

In such a situation, you should use hashtags related to content more and more, and this will be beneficial for you. You will find a lot of hashtags related to your content on Google.

#7 Connect With Others

This is also a way that your Instagram account will grow, and the likes of Instagram reels will also increase if you have a friend who has a lot of followers on Instagram.

So you collaborate with them, take their support, they will also promote you on your Instagram account and promote your Instagram reels on your account, which will benefit you a lot.

In such a situation, keep your 4-5 friends in advance, with whom you want to collaborate. This is a way in which you do not need to work too hard, just a little bit of life is known.

Many Instagram users use this method and many thousands of likes on their Instagram reels.

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