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iLiker apk is a great app that Instagram users use to get auto followers. It is well equipped to provide you with a lot of users within a very short period.

If you are looking to grow your account in a short time, then iLiker apk is where to start. Gaining followers on Instagram can be very challenging, especially if you are new to the platform. 

That is why you need a third-party app that provides auto followers, as it will help make your work easier. 

Another reason to go for iLiker apk is that it does not provide fake comments, likes, or followers

Instagram has tremendously increased its security, and that is why you should be very careful about the app you use.

If you use a third-party app that gives you fake results, then you are risking your account. Your account can end up being suspended or even permanently closed. 

Therefore, make sure that you avoid risky third-party apps and use legit apps like iLiker apk. 

Now that you have all this information, it is time to discuss more iLiker apk. Read through to the end so that you can learn more about iLiker application to clear any doubts.

What Is iLiker Apk?

iLiker is a third-party application that is specifically designed to help you gain more followers on Instagram.

You will also get more comments and likes on your posts, especially if you are a celebrity trying to get more popular. 

What is even better is that you get all this free of charge. According to research, the iLiker apk is the best third-party application in the market today. 

It is great because you would have gained more followers, more likes on your posts, and comments within a very short period.

Unlike other third-party applications, iLiker apk is not coin-based. After logging into the app using your fake Instagram account, you automatically send followers and likes to your main account using the Custom URL

Some of its features even work without having to log into your account. Those features include comments, saves, pool votes, emojis, video views, and story views. All these can be accessed without you having to log in.

The apk is also very easy to use, so that even beginners can use it. You don’t have to know tech staff to figure it out. 

If you have just joined Instagram, then this app will benefit you in many ways. You will be able to have lots of followers in no time. 

The application also has great reviews because its users are 100% satisfied and are great among individuals who do their business online. 

If you are using Instagram to promote your business, you will start seeing an increase in sales in a short period. 

Many third-party apk claim to help increase your Instagram followers, but they can’t match iLiker app.

Benefits Of Using iLiker Apk?

There are so many benefits of using iLiker apk. From high-end features to top-notch security, this app is definitely like no other. We are going to list some of the benefits so that you can learn more about them:

1) You are guaranteed more followers in a short period. What’s even better is that it is all free of charge.

2) Its features are high end making it easy for you to get more followers, comments, and likes.

3) Very reliable, which means that you will be 100% satisfied.

4) It is very safe. This is a great plus because it is not easy to find a third-party app that is safe.

5) User-friendly design – great for newbies and those that know less about tech stuff.

All these benefits prove that the iLiker apk is worth the try. If you are having a problem getting more followers on Instagram, download it and try it. 

Is iLiker Apk Safe?

In matters of safety, iLiker apk is considered safe without any doubt. It is an application that you can rely on as compared to other third-party apps. 

However, just like other third-party apps, iLiker app also has its levels of insecurities. 

That means your Instagram account will never be 100% safe when you are using it. There is a chance that it can lead to a temporary or permanent closure of your account.

So, if you want to ensure that your Instagram account is always safe, you have to decide for yourself if you want to take the risk. 

Everything is upon you whether to take a risk or avoid it at all. Irrespective of that, iLiker apk is one of the safest when compared to other third-party tools. 

It is reliable and 100% guaranteed to satisfy you. Another thing you should worry about is that it retains personal information. 

With that, you will be exposed to cybercrime, which most Instagram users don’t want happening to them.

If you use sensitive on your Instagram account, we advise you to avoid using any third-party tools. 

Consider using it on a fake Instagram account with no personal information or one with very little personal information. 

That way, you will protect yourself and ensure that your account does not get temporarily or permanently closed.

Details and Requirements of iLiker APK?

Application Name



Social Media

Star Rating


100% FREE

Requires Android

5.0 and Up


APK File

Scan Report

No Malware Detected


Latest Updated

Offered By



How To Download iLiker Apk FREE [1 Tap Download]?

1First of all, click on the Download Now button to download latest iliker apk for android FOR FREE.
2And you have to wait for 15 seconds. Then app will be download automatically.
Download TechySuper

How To Boost Your Instagram Followers With iLiker Apk?

1First of all, open the application you have recently downloaded from the above link called iLiker apk and scroll down below and choose the Instagram Followers option.
Send Real Instagram Followers
2After that, the application will ask for login details before using the services. Just follow the given button.
Login To Access Service
3Then, enter the details in the given fields, such as username and password of your fake Instagram account.

Before proceeding forward, make sure 3 posts should be uploaded on that account.

Also, that account should be public.
Login Your Fake Account
4Once again, hit the Instagram Follower button.
Instagram Followers
5In the next step, scroll down until you will find the Use Instagram Follower button. Once got, click on it.
Use Instagram Followers Option
6After reaching this page, scroll down again. Then enter the targeted username in the page where you want to send the actual followers.

And hit the Submit button.
Enter Your IG Username and Submit
7In the last step, check the google ReCaptcha to verify. Once checked, click on the Continue, I Agree! button.
Agree and Send Followers


If you are new to Instagram, then you already know how hard it is to gain followers. 

However, with the iLiker apk, all that will be problems of the past. For every submission, you will get some followers, and within no time, you will be able to reach your target as long as you are patient. 

If you are in a hurry to gain more followers, then open more than one Instagram account and use the tool. That way, you will be able to grow your followers at a higher rate without any problems.

You should note that iLiker is just like any other third-party app, and there is always some risk that your Instagram account will be temporarily or permanently closed. 

That is why we leave it in your hands to decide how safe you want to keep your account. 

As you use it, know that you are using it at your own risk. With all that said, iLiker apk remains a great app that will help you get more followers, likes, and comments.

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