11+ Interesting Instagram Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know in 2022

Instagram is the most popular social media platform on the planet. Instagram is now becoming the most addictive social media platform for the new generation.

There are 1 billion active monthly users, and 500 million users use the story feature of Instagram. There are 48% male and 52% female users on Instagram.

Instagram was started only for entertainment purposes, but now, this platform is becoming a marketing place for many big corporations and startups.

Instagram is the best place to build a community and start your business. Instagram is a complete image and video-based platform.

Instagram keeps adding new features on both apps and websites. So many people don't know about these features. These features can enhance your Instagram experience.

If you want to learn about Interesting Instagram Tips and Tricks, then this article is for you. We found the best 11+ Instagram Tips and Tricks for you. This post will be updated regularly with new tips and tricks.

#1 Post Photos directly to Facebook & Twitter and Tumbler From Instagram

If you post the same photo on every social media with one caption, then these tips will help you to post that picture on all social media platforms in one click.

You can set up your Instagram account in such a way that when you post a photo on Instagram, this photo automatically posts on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler.

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If you want to get this feature, then when you upload a photo on Instagram, select a photo for upload->next->next->in the final stage, you will see there are options Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler enable these options and sign in your account.

After that, when you finally publish your photo, then that photo will automatically upload on your enabled social media platform.

#2 Story Archives and Story Highlights

We all know that Instagram stories only appear for 24 hours, but in 2017, Instagram introduced a new feature call Instagram Archive. Instagram saves all your stories after 24 hours in a section.

If you want to see your old uploaded stories, then go to your profile ->tap on the three-bar on the top right corner->tap on Archive. That's the place where you can get your old stories—this a very secret feature which people do not know about it.

Story highlights feature gives you a professional look, and you can save your memory in the Instagram story form. You can create your album or group there; you can arrange your story.

To get this feature Go to your profile ->under your bio, you will see the "Story Highlight" Feature->tap on New->select your story-> set a name of that album, that's it.

#3 Save Others Instagram Photo Which You Like and Create Collection

Instagram does not have any photo download option, but you can save any photo, video, IGTV video, or a reels video. If you want to save an image or video, then every photo is on Instagram.

You will see a bookmark icon under the right side of the photo tap that, and that photo will save. If you want to see your saved picture, then tap on 3 bar->go to save-> now you can see all your saved photos.

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Many people do not know about creating a collection of your saved photos. If you want to categories your saved image, first open saved->tap on the + icon then select the photo which you want to add to that group->set a name of that folder, that's it.

#4 Download Anyone Instagram Story To Gallery

You can download your story to your gallery but not other people's stories. So if you want to download other Instagram users' stories, you have to download the Instagram Story saver app from PlayStore or AppStore.

After that, you have to copy that person's profile URL and paste it on that app, and that app will give you to download option of that story.

If you do not want to install any third-party apps on your phone, then many websites can give you the facility to download other Instagram user's stories.

Search "Instagram Story Downloader" on
google, then select any top website and paste that person's Instagram profile link, and now you can download the Instagram story.

#5 Get Notification When Your Favourite People Post

If you are following somebody on Instagram and you do not want to miss that person's single post, then there is an option.

If you enable it, you will get a notification when that person posts a photo or video.

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First, open your favorite profile ->tap on three-dot on top right corner->tap on Notification->turn on option according to your choice. After enabling that option, you will receive a notification when they post.

#6 Hide Story From Specific User

If you want to hide your stories from any specific user, then Instagram also allows you to block them. First, open that person's profile ->tap on 3 dots on the tops right corner->tap on Hide Your Story-> ok. Now that person will cant see your Instagram story.

#7 Manage Multiple Instagram Account From 1 App

Many people don't know about this very useful feature. Many people who have multiple Instagram accounts create a dual app of the Instagram app and then sign another account. But if you use this trick, you can sign in to various accounts in one app.

First, open the Instagram app->Go to your profile ->tap on your name in the top left side corner-> add an account, then you have to sign in into your another account that's it. Now you can switch your account by a tap on the left side corner.

#8 Share Instagram Story To Facebook

Many people share the same story on both Instagram and Facebook separately, but you can share the same story to both Facebook and Instagram by using this feature.

First of all, open Instagram app Home page-> swipe right and open story page->now tap on the Settings icon on the top left corner and scroll down, and you will found an option "Share your story to Facebook."

When you share a story on Instagram, it will automatically share the Facebook story.

#9 Share Story as Post

When you share a story and if you want to share that story also like a post, then you can do this easily.

First, open your story->then tap on the 3 dot menu below the right side corner->then tap on share as a post->then proceed next step, and that story will post as a post.

#10 Add Music To Your Story

If you add a photo to your story, you can add a music 15-second clip that is available on Instagram. If you want to use this feature, Add a photo in Your Story->swipe up ->tap on music->select your music and a 15-second clip, then share this story.

#11 Use Instagram On Desktop

Many people don't know about this trick; many people only know that they can only use Instagram only from the app. You can use Instagram from Instagram.com by log in to your account.

Before, Instagram desktop has limited features, but now Instagram is providing app features to desktop slowly. Now you can send DM from your Instagram desktop.

#12 See All The Post You Have Liked

If you want to see which post you liked in your entire Instagram life, then first open your profile -> tap on top of the 3 bar option on the right side corner->tap on settings->Account->Post You Have Liked.

Now you can see all your liked photos, videos, and IGTV videos. This is a hidden feature many people don't know about this.


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