How To Increase Real Instagram Followers With My Tools Town App

Get Real Instagram Followers With My Tools Town App | Everyone has dreams of raising millions of followers on their Instagram account, but some people usually try to increase followers with third-party applications.

But those tools provide followers, but these fake followers will increase the chance of your Instagram account being disabled. Therefore, you should always increase followers in a way that keeps your account secure.

If you search on google or our blog, you will find many such ways, but it is challenging to increase followers through those methods, but your account will be safe from them.

Today, we are going to tell you one way by which you will be able to increase many followers on your Instagram account without any hassle. But for this, you have to download an app.

The app’s name is My Tools Town. Although many people will know about this app, but many people will not know about this app. If you know about this application or not.

Nevertheless, read this article till the last; we will tell you some ways about this application that will give you real Instagram followers without login. If you want to know those methods, follow the steps given below:

What Is My Tools Town App?

My tools town is an android app designed for those who need real Instagram followers and likes and who want to grow their Instagram account fast.

However, there are some auto followers applications on Google PlayStore from which you do not need to collect credits or coins to get followers. If you are thinking of growing followers with such an application, then your Instagram account may be disabled.

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Because such applications provide 99% fake followers, and as I told you above, third-party applications can disable your Instagram account.

So use an application like my tools town, in which you do not need to login your real Instagram account. If you want to increase real followers with my tools town app, follow the steps below.

But you have to keep in mind that credit collecting is mandatory. Without collecting credits, you cannot take real followers from here. However, collecting credits is not a difficult task, you will learn to collect many credits easily by reading this article.

Details And Requirements?

Application Name My Tools Town
Size 5.6Mb
Version Latest
Format Apk File
Requires Android 5.1 and up
Owner Facebook Wala Guru
Downloads 100,000+

How To Download My Tools Town Apk For Android?

1 First of all, complete the human verification, for that, click on I’m not a robot & complete the google ReCaptcha, then you will be able to My Tools Town Apk download.

2 And you have to wait for 15 seconds. Then app will be download automatically.

App Download

How To Get Real Followers With My Tools Town App?

1 First of all, you have to open the MyToolsTown apk after downloading, then scroll down a bit, and you will see the Open button. Just click on it.


2 Now the account on which you need real followers, enter the username of that account here and click on the Search button.

Enter Username

3 After that, you will come to the dashboard. Now here you have to collect some credits. To get the followers, just click on the Earn Credits button to collect the credits.

Earn Credits

4 Then here, you have to click on the Follow button to earn credits.

Follow People

5 After that, click on the Green Box.

Tap Here

6 Then you have to Follow this account and go back to the (Green Box) page and cut that page, and in return, you will get 2 credits. Then you have to click on the Like button and follow the same process. But this time the photo will open in front of you, then you will have to Like that photo, and in return, you will get 1 credit.


7 After collecting lots of credits, click on the Auto Followers button.

Auto Followers

8 Then here you have to add the number of followers quantity and complete the Google Captcha. After that, click on the Promote button.

Complete Google Captcha


However, Instagram does not allow users to increase followers with third-party applications, yet you can use this application at your own risk.

In such a situation, Instagram can ban all the people’s accounts, but to some extent, your account is banned by Instagram. Even I have increased many followers through third-party applications.

But my Instagram account is still safe, but keep in mind one thing, never underestimate Instagram, they can permanently ban your account.

So use the MyToolsTown app at your own risk. I hope you liked today’s article. If you like it, so do not forget to share it with your friends. If you face any problem, then you comment below.

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