How To Get Real Followers On Instagram By 5 Useful Tricks (2021)

Guys, In this article today, we are going to tell you how to get real followers by following just 5 useful tricks on Instagram.

This may sound a little strange, but these useful tricks are proven. If you follow these methods on your Instagram account, you will get results as soon as possible definitely.

As you know, Instagram has become the largest photo-sharing platform in the world today.

Suppose you have more and more followers on Instagram. So you can definitely become famous on Instagram. But the problem with many people is how to get real followers on Instagram account?

So today I have brought some such tips for you. Using which you will be able to increase followers on your Instagram account.

There are many websites that give you Instagram followers. Many of them also have websites that give followers after taking money.

If you also increase followers from third party websites. So it can hurt you a lot. This can also hack your account.

Looking at this, I thought, why not bring something for you, due to which your account should be safe and keep growing your account.

So I have brought 5 useful tricks for you, this will not cause any problems in your account. To know these Useful Tricks, read this article till the last.

1. Optimize Your Instagram Profile (Important)

Many people are like this. The whose Instagram account does not have a good profile. If any user visits your profile in such a situation, there are very few chances that the user will follow you.

So first of all, your Instagram profile should be perfect and attractive. So that whatever comes on your profile, that user should not go without following you.

If you do not know how to optimize your Instagram profile. So we tell you, first of all,

  • Go to the Instagram account and click on the Edit Profile button.
  • Then put a good looking profile.
  • After that, add an attractive bio, you can also place an emoji to make it look beautiful.

If you want, you can also give your Gmail, mobile number, etc. so that the profile looks more attractive.

2. Upload High Quality Photos To Instagram

Whatever photos you want to put on your Instagram account. Keep its quality very good and clear if any user comes to your profile.

So he will definitely follow you, impressed with your photos. As you may have noticed, many such celebrities have posted great pictures on their Instagram.

Which are very clean and beautiful, if you do this too, your followers will also grow if your friend has a good camera or a DSLR. So you can take a photo to share on your Instagram.

Suppose you or a friend of yours does not have a DSLR. So you can also use a good mobile for this. In today's time, even low-rate mobiles have a good camera.

Which can take perfect photos, if you put a good picture, people will come to your profile and follow you.

3. Use Hashtags in Your Instagram Posts

Whenever you share a photo of yourself on Instagram, so use hashtags in it. Such as #Diwali #travel #boom #fashion etc.

As you are going to travel somewhere, you can use a travel hashtag. Whatever topic is related to your photo. 

You can use Hashtags while looking at the same. You will get this option while uploading pictures.

Suppose any topic is in trend. So you can post any post by putting Hashtags on it. What will it take?

Your post is more likely to go viral. If any of your posts also go viral. So you will get likes and followers in millions.

Therefore it is inevitable that your upcoming posts will also be viral if you don't know how to find trending hashtag?

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So you can use any search engine for this. This method can also prove to be useful for you.

4. Likes and Follows Others on Instagram

This method is the easiest and the best if you like someone and follow him. So this will make Instagram feel that you all know each other.

If you do this, Instagram will also send your uploaded photos to them, so if anyone likes your post. Then he likes your post and will follow you.

This is the easiest and tried-out method, which many people try. Who hardly have followers. You should try this method too.

This will also increase your followers. Yes, keep in mind one thing. You should only follow those who have fewer followers.

If you follow any celebrity, it will not benefit you at all. That's why you have to follow only those with fewer followers.

5. Be Regular on Instagram

If you want to be famous on any platform. Therefore it is most important that you work on it continuously.

Which you will be able to see the activity happening all the time and if you keep updating the post. So your followers will also grow.

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Many people have seen this happen many times. Those who do not stay long on their account and think. Our followers increase, but this does not occur.

You have to see the activity happening on your Instagram and keep people updated. This is your first follower. They will also join you, and new followers will also follow you and join you.


Today I have told you the top 5 such practical and useful tricks. If you follow my suggested tips regularly, you will start getting real followers on Instagram as soon as possible.

Without investing any money, I hope you liked today’s article.

If you like it, so do not forget to share it with your friends. If you face any problem, then you can comment below.

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