How To Get Real Followers On Twitter Organically [2022]

Have you ever wondered about those individuals on Twitter with thousands of followers? And you think they should be doing something strange to get such countless individuals following them.

At that point, you will discover my strategy cool, especially when I uncover to you the key to getting loads of real followers on Twitter without software tricks or widgets or any stuff that costs cash.

Before I get to the pieces on the
most proficient method to gain real followers. I will want you to consider the last individual you chose to follow on Twitter and exactly why it was you that followed him or her.

Consider what pulled you to see their profile or page. Was it not their cool profile picture? As a rule, it is, and there is a generally excellent explanation behind this.

Much the same as our faces are the principal thing that individuals notice about us in reality, so reflected online is the interest to be pulled in to somebody’s face.

Twitter is perhaps the most well-known social network around. Especially among digital marketers.

Not only because it is easy and quick to utilize, but also because it is generally used by industry pioneers, and because of the deal between Google and Twitter that gives an extra SEO advantage for some Twitter users.

To use any of the Twitter benefits, you need followers, and you need a lot of real followers that will cooperate with your tweets. Getting any sort of followers is simple.

You can either get them (not suggested) or simply follow anybody you need, and some will follow you back. The thing is, it is not just a numbers game I.e., the number of followers you have. However, it is even an interesting game.

For example, being trailed by individuals that share similar interests with you, so they are bound to like and share your tweets or even follow a link to your site.

#1 Narrow Your Niche to Get Real Followers On Twitter

Twitter isn’t just a numbers game. However, it is all the more like an interesting game.

This implies that to gain followers that will think about your tweets, you will need to limit your niche and follow individuals with quite certain profiles.

You may feel that the niches are all essential for advanced promotion. However, this is valid, yet you will need to focus on the individuals that tweet explicitly about your niche (utilizing the specific hashtag).

By fragmenting your audience at this level, you improve results. And it is the initial phase in turning into a power Twitter client for that niche.

#2 Optimize Your Twitter Profile

After you have limited your niche, the subsequent stage is to ensure that your Twitter profile is streamlined. This implies having a profile picture.

(A genuine image of you and not a symbol or creature), a decent depiction of what you do, including the hashtags you have chosen to target.

#3 Find Established Users To Follow In Your Niche

Next is to really discover the user to follow. The best and least approach to do is open Twitter and quest for your hashtag(s). 

Inspect the results, follow individuals, re-tweet the ones you find important for your crowd, or even imprint some as a favorite to stand out enough to be noticed by others. 

At the point when you re-tweet or imprint a tweet as a favorite, the other individual gets informed, and some of them will check your profile and follow you. 

While choosing the users to follow, ensure that they meet the rules below. Because this will expand the odds of them following you back. 

  • They have a profile picture and a significant profile description.
  • They follow various individuals. If the number of individuals they follow is less than the number of individuals following them, It implies, they do not follow back. So regardless of whether you follow them, presumably they won’t follow you back.
  • They have a proper number of followers. 
  • They tweet often utilizing the hashtag you are keen on. You would prefer not to follow somebody that use the specific hashtag once. Yet you need users that reliably tweet about it.

Being particular about whom to follow builds the number of individuals that will follow you back. 

If you follow anybody without doing the above checks, soon you will wind up with several following and insufficient followers. 

#4 Anything You Tweet Must Be Optimized For Your Niche

Another strategy that you can use that will end up being viable is to tweet various times each day utilizing the hashtag of your niche.

A decent practice is to tweet continuously when you are conscious and use a scheduling tool to convey tweets while you are dozing.

#5 Find And Follow Industry Leaders

The odds that mainstream and famous Twitter users will follow you back are minimal. Yet you actually need to follow them for some reason.

First, you need to understand what they are tweeting about and discover occasions to re-tweet their posts or even send them a message. They are bound to answer to you on Twitter than some other medium.

Second, many individuals filter their profiles and discover individuals to follow, and you need to be one of them.

Third, a large portion of the occasions their tweets circulate around the web and stand out enough to be noticed, so by re-tweeting these mainstream tweets, you additionally increase your odds of getting your tweets re-tweeted and contact more individuals.

#6 Don’t Forget To Follow Back

While you will likely get the same number of followers as you can, remember to follow back. At this point, If somebody follows you, check their profile, and on the off chance that they are a solid match, follow them back.

Following various individuals is not terrible, given that you have a greater number of followers than the following. This makes your account more definitive, and in the drawn-out, this can end up being significant.

Also, have in mind as a primary concern that numerous individuals use tools to deal with their followers, so if you don’t follow them back, they will unfollow you in a couple of days.

#7 Respond To Re-tweets Or Mentions

Twitter (and social media all around) is tied in with interfacing with individuals, so it is essential to respond to mentions to or thank somebody that re-tweeted your message. 


Basically, Twitter is an informal community you can’t disregard. Getting real followers on Twitter isn’t troublesome, yet it needs consistent work.

So rather than getting new followers that will not help you in anything, attempt to segment your market and follow individuals that can help you later by re-tweeting your messages and giving more openness to anything you desire to promote on Twitter.