How To Get Real Likes on Instagram Organically For Free 2022

There are many ways in the world to get real likes on Instagram, but 90% of them are fake, and the most commonly used method among them is Auto Liker.

To a large extent, people use third party auto liker tools to increase the likes on their Instagram photos. But do you know what the difference between organic likes and fake likes is?

If not, If you increase those likes on your photos from any third-party applications and websites, then you will get all the likes fake, and those likes will be of no use to you.

Even with those fake Instagram likes, your Instagram account is very likely to disable. I know that most of you do not know this.

If you are still increasing Instagram likes with a third-party Instagram Auto liker app, then immediately stop growing likes from that app.

Now you must be thinking about how to gain real likes on Instagram for free, and fastly, all you have to do is follow the steps given below.

We have explained (step-by-step) how to increase real likes on Instagram by following organic methods. To know all the ways, read this article till the last. So let's start.

#1 Upload Quality Images To Get Real Likes On Instagram

Quality Images On IG

Yes, If you are a new and old Instagram user, you need to upload quality images on Instagram. Because quality matters everywhere, be it traditional or digital.

If you do not upload quality images on Instagram, you will obviously not get real likes and followers. If you want to be a successful person on Instagram, then giving time and
quality content is mandatory.

You must have seen the Instagram accounts of many celebrities. In which they share quality images of their own, and some Instagram accounts share informative photos.

You can edit your own photo and share it on Instagram or share a knowledgeable photo. Mostly you have to share such pictures on Instagram, which the user takes action by seeing.

Such as inspiration photos and funny photos, people like to share these photos more and more. You must have often seen WhatsApp status that people like to share love stories and inspirational pictures.

If you share a status image on your Instagram, you have to keep that image's quality good. Only then will the user be able to see the image you shared perfectly.

#2 Keep Your Instagram Public

Keep Your Instagram Public

If you want to increase real likes on Instagram, then you must keep your Instagram account public. If your Instagram account is not public, then no new user will see your old and latest photos.

Many people do not know if the Instagram account is public or not. Here is the answer to your question about 
how to make the Instagram account public.

After making the account public, new users will be able to view and comment on your photos and videos, and they like the pictures you've shared. So he will definitely follow you to see more such images.

Suppose your shared photo gets a good user response. So the chances of that photo going viral will increase. If your photo goes viral, no one will stop you from being famous on Instagram.

#3 Use hashtags While Uploading Photos

Use hashtags While Uploading Photos

While uploading photos on Instagram, be sure to use trending hashtags, or you can also use hashtags related to your niche.

You will find many applications on the Google Play Store that suggest trending and niche related hashtags for free, which you can use in your photo by direct copy from there.

You have to keep in mind that if you have started putting pictures and videos related to your niche on Instagram account, you have to use hashtags related to the same niche.

If you upload a fitness-related image and use the hashtag related to foods there, so in this case, Instagram will feel that you are spamming. It is more likely to happen.

And your fitness photo will reach the users who are interested in food. Now you think, the user who is interested in food why they
will follow the picture of your fitness.

And your fitness photo will reach users who are interested in food. Now you think why users who are interested in food will like your fitness picture.

Therefore, you should always use hashtags related to the niche so that your photo can reach more and more people related to your niche.

#4 Upload More Videos On Instagram

Upload More Videos On Instagram

Yes, uploading videos to Instagram can prove beneficial for you in the initial days, because most people like to watch videos.

If your Instagram account niche-specific, then you can also provide video content to people. Such as tutorials or comedy. If people on your shared video receive an excellent response.

So the chances of that video going viral will increase if you are unable to upload long videos to Instagram. So you can use IGTV to upload long videos.

If any one of your videos goes viral, so your Instagram account will start growing rapidly. Even 1 million followers and likes can grow in a day.

#5 Share Your Uploaded Photos and Videos

Share Your Uploaded Photos and Videos

If you want lots of likes as soon as possible, you can share your uploaded photos and videos on the rest of the social media platforms. This will help you to get more likes on Instagram.

You can mostly use WhatsApp to share your photos and videos, because most likely, your video will quickly go viral on WhatsApp or Facebook.

If you have some fans on the rest of social media. So after uploading photos and videos on Instagram, share it there too.

This will benefit you that all the users will react to your video and share your video with their friends if they like the video. By doing this, the chances of getting more likes on Instagram.

#6 Consistency


If you have recently started an Instagram account or have already created an Instagram account, there are problems in increasing likes.

This problem usually occurs when you are not very active on Instagram, and when a new user checks your Instagram account, that user will not follow you because of not seeing more posts.

More users follow you only when they like your content, but there will be no content on your Instagram account so that no one will follow you.

If a user likes some of your old posts, they will surely share that post with his friends and follow you to view the same related post more.

But if you do not upload a post, then that user will unfollow you. So always maintain consistency on Instagram. To maintain consistency, you have to decide any time and keep uploading photos and videos at a fixed time.

Through this, your followers will also know the time to upload photos and videos. And at the same time, your followers will also be ready to see new posts.

But you have to keep in mind that when you have followers on your account, only then will your uploaded photos get instant likes. That's why I am telling you more about followers.


By the way, it is not easy to grow on Instagram, and it is not difficult either. If you maintain consistency on Instagram and follow my methods correctly, then you will definitely get success.

Most people fail because they give up in the middle. If you want to succeed on any platform, you have to work hard, and dedication is necessary.

You have to understand these methods carefully and then implement them step by step. If you want more articles related to this, then you can tell us by commenting.

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