How To Download Topping App | Get Free Instagram Followers 2022

How To Download Topping App For Android? Are you facing the problem of having fewer likes and followers on your Instagram account? Are you the most unpopular guy or girl in your group? Does your Instagram Handel get very few views?

You don’t have to worry about it from now. We are introducing you to a new app named the Topping App

The topping app is also available on the play store. It helps you to get a massive number of followers to your account and likes to your posts.

By using this app, you can be the most popular personality in your group. It is much like the Get Liker app, but the difference is that it is available on the play store. 

There are very few chances of getting spammed while using an app available on the play store. So you can relax and download this app.

There are various apps on the play store, but finding the best is so hard. According to the AppsTime, this app is one of the best apps, and this article is also a reference from AppsTime.Ru.

Topping App

What is the Topping App?

As discussed above, the Topping app is an Instagram based app that provides you likes and followers. 

For using this app, you don’t have to log in with your original Instagram account. You can use your temporary Gmail account or Instagram account to use it for your official Instagram account.

Unlike other apps, this app is not a bots mechanism-based. So it means it will provide you likes from real users and not the bots.

This app has a 4.5 star Google Play Store rating and has only 1000+ downloads. 

It has some negative reviews, but they are answered by the team within a short time frame. This app shares your post and helps you get likes and followers automatically.

The developers of ‘iLike‘ and ‘LikeMe‘ app have developed this app too. So if you are a user of iLike or LikeMe app, you may know what potential this app stores.

Benefits of using Topping Apk?

  • There are no bots on this app to like your post. Only real users will find your post and like your post. Hence more authentic followers.
  • You can use a single account for several social media. You can quickly switch between your social media account within the app.
  • Unlike iLike or LikeMe app, you don’t have to worry about transferring points from one account to another. You can now earn points in one of your social media accounts and use those points for the other social media account.
  • If you turn off the ads for one account at the time of in-app purchases, then ads for the other will be automatically turned off. No worry about spending extra money on different social media accounts.
  • Few other networks may be soon introduced in the app.
  • The team apptime is very responsive. So your doubts and queries about the app can be quickly resolved.
  • The app has a size of 4.7 MB. There are very few chances that your phone will lag because of such a small size app.

So what are you waiting for? Download Topping App from the play store and start getting likes and followers.

Details And Requirements of Topping Apk

Application Name Topping
Size 5.5M
Current Version 0.04
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Offered By
Downloads 1,000+

How To Download Topping App?

1 First of all, complete the human verification, for that, click on I’m not a robot & complete the google ReCaptcha, then you will be able to download the app.

2 And you have to wait for 15 seconds. Then app will be download automatically.

App Download

How To Use Topping App?

1 First of all, click on the SIGN-IN WITH GOOGLE button.Login with Google

2 Then enter your fake Instagram username and password here and click on the Login button.

Warning: Do not enter your real Instagram username and password here. To log in, use your fake Instagram account, which you do not use.

Login Fake Account in Topping App

3 Then you will come to the dashboard and click on the Follow option. Now you have to follow these accounts, which is mentioned below.

On each follows, you’ll get 5 points.

Earn Points in Topping App

4 Also, you can Earn Points by watching videos.

Watch video and Earn Points

5 Once you have a lot of points collected, then click on the Search button.

Search Real Instagam Account

6 After that, enter your real Instagram username here, and select your account.

Search Real Account

7 And choose the second tab, which is Followers. If you want likes on your Instagram photos, then you can go with First Tab.

Choose Your Account

8 Here you can see that you will get 5 followers of 35 points. To submit followers, just click on the below button.

Topping App

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