VipTools Apk Download | Get Free TikTok Likes [ UPDATED 2020 ]

Guys, recently we have analysis 100+ websites for UPDATED latest version viptools apk.

But only I got the old version and without working vip tools app.


After reading this article, you will not have to search for viptools es updated app.

Because in this article we have share viptools tiktok auto liker latest version apk for free.

With the help of, anyone can increase unlimited likes, followers, and comments on their tiktok account.

To download viptools updated app, you need to follow some steps and all steps I have shared below.

Before starting the article, maybe some people will be thinking, why should i download vip tools UPDATED app?

Because many problems in the current version, I always prefer to say that only use the latest version apps.

I hope you have learned why you should download the updated app.

VipTools Apk Download

What is Viptools Apk?

VipTools apk is a social media fan and hearts gainer app by which everyone can grow our social media account by increasing unlimited likes and followers with

And as you know, the most crucial point to be “famous on social media” is the followers and likes.

If you have a large following base, so you have more chances to get popularity. But there are some such accounts which do not have any likes and followers.

But real question is – How To Gain Unlimited Followers And Likes For FREE?

It’s all possible with viptools tik tok auto likes and followers app, with this app,

we can increase unlimited followers and likes on our account in a fast and easy way.

But vip tools es apk is only available for android users. If you are a IOS user then you use viptools. es.

Details And Requirements?

Application name VipTools
Size 3.7Mb
Format Apk File
Version Latest
Downloads 10,00,000+

Viptools Apk Key Features

Here, I have shared some wonderful features of viptools, which you can use for free.

  • Auto Hearts :- Hearts is a special feature of vip tools, if you don’t get likes on your videos, so you can use Auto Hearts feature to increase unlimited likes on your videos.
  • Auto Followers :- Followers are the most important role to be popular on social media if your followers are not growing, so you can increase unlimited followers by using Auto Follower feature.
  • Auto Shares :- If your viewer does not share your videos, then you can use Auto Share.
  • Auto Comments :- Comments are also a major role in your video. If your videos are not getting comments, so you can use Auto Comments.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Viptools?

Ever since social media has come, many tools have created to grow our social media followers and likes.

If you have seen many articles and videos, then you must have noticed that 90% of people say to use these tools and increase unlimited likes and followers for FREE.

But do you know that auto follower and liker can also disable your social media account?

Below we have mentioned some advantages and disadvantages of viptools apk, no one has told you yet.

List of the Advantages of VipTools

  • Free Service :- As you know, most of the auto tools are paid, But viptools is an app that gives you all the facilities for free, and all those services are real and original.
  • No Login Required :- You do not have to login your social media account; without login, you can take likes, followers, and many services through the username.
  • Get Unlimited :- Here you get all the services for free, and you can increase millions of likes and followers in your social media account by using all the services.

List of the Disadvantages of VipTools

  • Account Banned :- If you use any of the auto tools to increase likes and followers on your social media account, so your account may be banned or disabled.
  • Account Freeze :- If your account is not banned and disabled using viptools apk, so definitely your account can also freeze.
  • Growth Will Stop :- Mean’s whenever you upload the latest video on social media account, organic views and likes will stop coming on them.

How To Download VipTools TikTok Liker Apk?

1 First of all, click on I’m not a robot & complete the google ReCaptcha, then click on the Download button.

2 And you have to wait for 15 seconds. Then app will be download automatically.

App Download

How To Submit Likes From Viptools?

1 First of all, open the latest version viptools apk, and complete the Text Captcha.

Viptools Apk Text Captcha

2 Then you will come to the Dashboard, and all services will open, now you have to choose any one service and click on the Use button.


3 If you have selected Hearts, then here you have to enter the URL of your video. How to find video URL?

enter the URL of your video

4 First of all, open your TikTok video and click on the Three-Dot on the right side.

Click On Three Dot

5 Then click on the Copy Link button here.

Copy TikTok Video Link

6 And paste the copied URL here & click on the Search button.

paste the copied URL

7 And your video will open, now you have to click on the Send Hearts button to take heart on the video.

Send Hearts

8 And successfully hearts will come to your video. 

TikTok Hearts Successfully Sent

Viptools es Apk Unlimited Trick?

If you want to increase unlimited likes and followers from viptools apk, without submit time, so I have shared a video below.

In it, we have told step-by-step how to increase unlimited likes and followers on social media accounts by following unlimited tricks.

Why Viptools Updated Version Apk Is Best?

  • You can use Vip Tools latest version application to grow likes and followers on your and your friend’s account.
  • The latest version updated apk is available for free for all.
  • It is easy to get likes and followers from the latest version application. Only you have to follow 3 to 4 steps.
  • Here, you do not have to login your account. You can easily take likes without login.
  • And you will get real and original likes on your videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Vip Tools is safe or not?

Not, All other third party auto liker tools are not safe for your social media account.

Q: Can I Get Unlimited Auto Likes From Viptools?

Yes, You will get unlimited likes and followers for free.

Q: How To Update Viptools?

First of all, You have to download the updated version from here. If some updates come later, you have to come back to this article and click on download & install it. Then app will successfully update.

Q: Is Tik Tok hearts safe

No, Heart's or Fans are both not safe for your social media account.

Q: TikTok Account Will be Banned By Using Viptools Apk?

Most likely, your TikTok account may be banned after using the viptools app.

Q: TikTok Says To Use Viptools Auto Liker apk?

No, Tiktok never says that you can use any third party auto tools.


I hope you liked the viptools update version app. And if you are still using the old version viptools apk, then update it from here quickly.

Because with the latest version application, you can increase unlimited likes and followers for free.

And one thing you have to keep in mind is that the viptools apk or other auto tools are not safe for your social media account.

If you still want to use, then you can use at your own risk.

I hope you liked today’s article. If you like it, so do not forget to share it with your friends.